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SimCity BuildItOMEGA Services and Maglev Track road upgrades SimCity BuildIt

OMEGA Services and Maglev Track road upgrades SimCity BuildIt

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Maglev Track road upgrades in SimCity BuildIt

The OMEGA homes of the future deserve futuristic services. Keep residents happy with ControlNets, Drones, Maglev Trains. and other services.

Citizens are happier and pay more taxes when they have the right services.

OMEGA homes have 40% more residents than basic homes, so it's important to provide OMEGA Services. You can purchase them using NeoSimoleons from the Services menu.

ControlNet - power your OMEGA homes

These towers will power your Omega homes, without them your OMEGA homes will not produce NeoSimoleons. Find them in the Services menu.

Each Control Net type has its own coverage area, so make sure to check the details and choose the right one!

Drones - fighting crime, putting out fires, and healing citizens

Drones are a must-have for your OMEGA home residents' well-being. They patrol your city and take care of fires, crime, and health emergencies.

OMEGA Services for OMEGA homes

Add services for your OMEGA homes to keep your citizens happy. Find Water, Power, Sewage and Waste Management in the Services menu.

Maglev tracks and trains - roads of the future

OMEGA Corporation has created the transportation of tomorrow - Maglev trains.

You can upgrade roads to Maglev tracks from the Road menu, then watch the Maglev trains carry your citizens across the city.

Upgrade roads to Maglev tracks | SimCity BuildIt

OMEGA Services Tips & Tricks videos

Enjoy these Tips & Tricks videos on YouTube.

ControlNet and Drones
OMEGA Services
Maglev Trains