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Building Supplies Store

6 results / page
Name Level Time (Min.) Max. Value Mats Used In Description
Nails Nails 1 5 80 Simoleons
Chairs Tables
Premium sharpness.
Planks Planks 3 30 120 Simoleons
Tables Garden Furniture Ladder Cupboard
Needed to build homes for Sims.
Bricks Bricks 13 20 190 Simoleons
Fire Pit
Needed to build homes for Sims.
Cement Cement 14 50 440 Simoleons
Fire Pit Garden Gnomes
Extra strong hold.
Glue Glue 15 60 440 Simoleons
Couch Garden Gnomes Shoes Business Suits
Sticky and adhesive.
Paint Paint 16 60 320 Simoleons
Cupboard Lawn Mower