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Hardware Store

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Name Level Time (Min.) Max. Value Mats Used In Description
Hammer Hammer 4 14 90 Simoleons
Tables Chairs
A standard tool for builders
Measuring Tape Measuring Tape 6 20 110 Simoleons
Home Textiles Cap Business Suits Back Pack
Measures centimeters and inches.
Shovel Shovel 9 30 150 Simoleons
Grass Tree Saplings Fire Pit
Used for digging.
Cooking Utensils Cooking Utensils 17 45 250 Simoleons
BBQ Grill
Used for cooking.
Ladder Ladder 20 60 420 Simoleons
- -
Drill Drill 30 120 590 Simoleons
Needed to build homes for Sims.