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SimCity BuildItFarmers Market

Farmers Market | SimCity BuildIt

Farmers Market

7 results / page
Name Level Time (Min.) Max. Value Mats Used In Description
Vegetables Vegetables 8 20 160 Simoleons
Green Smoothie Cheese Fries
Fresh from the farm
Flour Bag Flour Bag 17 30 570 Simoleons
Donuts Bread Roll Cherry Cheesecake Pizza
Used for baking.
Fruit and Berries Fruit and Berries 18 90 730 Simoleons
Green Smoothie Cherry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt Lemonade Bottle
Sweet and healthy.
Cream Cream 23 75 440 Simoleons
Bread Roll Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Sandwich Coffee
Thick and creamy.
Corn Corn 24 60 280 Simoleons
Cheese Cheese 26 105 660 Simoleons
Cherry Cheesecake Pizza Cheese Fries
Medium aged.
Beef Beef 27 150 860 Simoleons
Pizza Burgers
Premium quality organic beef.