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SimCity BuildItHow To Build Skyscrapers

How To Build Skyscrapers | SimCity BuildIt

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Skyscrapers & Upgrading

How do you get skyscrapers and high populations ...

The type of upgrade is dependant on how many specializations you provide.

None/One - Standard Homes
Two - Premium Homes
Three - Luxurious Homes

How do you get skyscrapers and high populations | SimCity BuildIt

1. Create Residential Zones. A residential zone is an area designated for home-building. Tap the residential zone icon on the right of your screen.

2. Toggle between two other views – Land Value and Wealth Forecast. Tap the blue column icon to see your city map in varying shades of blue. This is the Land Value of your city!

3. To see how Land Value will affect your next residential upgrades, tap the yellow hard hat icon to see your Wealth Forecast. Upgrade in the darker orange areas and the buildings could end up looking very luxurious indeed!

Skyscrapers in SimCityBuildIt

Skyscrapers in SimCityBuildIt

Skyscrapers in SimCityBuildIt

Providing specialization services (parks, education, gambling, etc.)
The models that appear seems to be randomly assigned.
A building must have coverage from at least two different specializations when it upgrades to top tier.

List of names for Luxury Skyscrapers

Platinum Tower
Ivory Towers
The One Percent
The Onyxlux
The Highfalutin
The Empire
Elysian Heights
Wilson Tower