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SimCity BuildItSewage

Sewage | SimCity BuildIt


3 results / page
Name of Building Price Requirements Area Population Boost Epic Points Description
Small Sewage Outflow Pipe Small Sewage Outflow Pipe 4000 Simoleons 8 Level required
1x1 Pumps raw sewage out of the pipe system and dumps it.
Basic Sewage Outflow Pipe Basic Sewage Outflow Pipe 12000 Simoleons 8 Level required
2x2 Mmmmm... nothing like the smell of fresh, raw sewage.
Deluxe Sewage Treatment Plant Deluxe Sewage Treatment Plant 35000 Simoleons 8 Level required
2x3 A little pricey, but your Sims will thank you for not stinking up the neighborhood.