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7 results / page
Name of Building Price Requirements Area Population Boost Epic Points Description
Wind Power Plant Wind Power Plant 6000 Simoleons 1x1 Harness the green energy of the wind.
Coal Power Plant Coal Power Plant 4500 Simoleons 2x2 Nothing like the cheap, efficient ...cough... sweet smell of burning coal to keep your sims warm.
Deluxe Wind Power Plant Deluxe Wind Power Plant 15000 Simoleons 2000 Sims
2x2 Blowing in the wind... and producing a huge amount of clean power!
Solar Power Plant Solar Power Plant 22000 Simoleons 23000 Sims
2x4 Clean, green energy from the sun itself.
Oil Power Plant Oil Power Plant 15000 Simoleons 40000 Sims
2x4 Not so great if it's in your backyard, but keeps the lights at a reasonable price.
Nuclear Power Plant Nuclear Power Plant 35000 Simoleons 70000 Sims
3x4 If you live nearby, ignore that green glow to your complexion and think about how much power this thing produces.
Fusion Power Plant Fusion Power Plant 90000 Simoleons University
3x3 Clean, green, and mean... the power of the future!