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SimCity BuildItUse OMEGA items in SimCity BuildIt

Use OMEGA items in SimCity BuildIt

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Use the OMEGA Labs and OMEGA Research center to make new materials and items.

What do I use Omega items for?

Use OMEGA items to build OMEGA homes. They have more residents than normal buildings and will help send your population sky high. Omega homes produce NeoSimoleons to use in the NeoMall.

You can also use them to expand your NeoStorage and NeoBank capacity.

HINT: If you have too many of a particular OMEGA item but none of the building plans call for that item, try refreshing the plans. Tap the job and then tap the Refresh icon to request new plans.

Research OMEGA items refresh | SimCity BuildIt

Can I sell OMEGA items?

You cannot sell OMEGA items in the Trade Deport or the NeoMall. You can sell Omega items to neighboring mayors.

When you see a bubble over an OMEGA building, tap it. Your Future Cities advisor will tell you what your fellow mayor wants to buy. Tap I’ll do it! to accept or No thanks! to reject the sale.

How do I research OMEGA items?

1. Tap an OMEGA Lab and pay the fee to craft Omega materials.
2. When it’s ready, tap it to collect it.
3. Now, tap on the OMEGA Research Center and drag the OMEGA material into a slot to start researching. Research time will vary.
4. When the research finishes, tap to open the boxes and see what OMEGA item and other rewards you received.

There are ten different OMEGA items. When you use the OMEGA Research Center, you will receive a random OMEGA item.

Want to know more? Check out our Research OMEGA items Tips & Tricks video.

What are the OMEGA items?

When the OMEGA Research Center finishes researching, you get a random OMEGA item as a reward:

Antigravity Boots
Ultrawave Oven
Jet Pack
Solar Panels
Cryofusion Chamber
4D Printer