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SimCity BuildItBuying, selling, shipping, and dealing in SimCity BuildIt

Buying, selling, shipping, and dealing in SimCity BuildIt

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Dealing in SimCity BuildIt

Craft goods and complete cargo shipments to turn them into Simoleons, sell items in the Trade Depot, see what's selling in the Global Trade HQ, and accept (or refuse) Simoleon deals from other Sim characters in your city.

Create, advertise, edit, and complete a sale

Once you hit the minimum population target to make your Trade Depot available, you'll find it on the highway just outside your city limits. Tap it to start selling.

Items you put up for sale here will appear to other Mayors in the Global Trade HQ, if you remember to advertise them!

Create, advertise, edit, and complete a sale | SimCity BuildIt

Boxes on shelves await your goods!

Create a sale
Tap a cardboard box to create a sale.

Create a sale | SimCity BuildIt

On the right, see your current City Storage capacity and your scrollable inventory

Tap on an item in your storage and it will magically appear in the cardboard box shown on the right. Yellow plus/minus buttons allow you to select how many of the item you want to sell and how many Simoleons you think the sale is worth.

To add another sale, tap another cardboard box in your Trade Depot. Follow the same steps to choose what you will sell and for how much.

To exit from the "Create Sale" screen without making a sale, tap the blue X in the top right corner.

Advertise in the Global Trade HQ
Check the blue "Advertise!" box to ensure other cities will see your goods (no advertisements means no visibility in the Global Trade HQ). Then tap the green "Put on sale" button to let the world know you're in business.

You might not see the "Advertise!" button available so soon after creating your first sale, but you will soon see free advertising available again, as indicated by the timer. Buy some immediate advertising space with SimCash if you can't wait.

Items that you have advertised in the Global Trade HQ will have its logo placed on their cardboard box.

Edit a sale
To check details about a sale you've added, tap on the relevant cardboard box. You'll see the item, how many are on sale, what price you've asked for it, and if you have advertised it.

If you change your mind and want to remove this sale from the shelves of your Trade Depot, tap the red button (but think carefully--it will cost you SimCash to do so, and you will lose the item!).

If you run out of empty cardboard boxes in your Trade Depot, but want to put more items on sale right now, you can add more boxes with SimCash.

Tap the box with the yellow label on the bottom right of your Depot.

Complete the sale
Congratulations! You chose the right item-and-price combo and someone has bought your items. You'll see a notification when the sale has gone through. See a picture of the buyer and a big green checkmark when you next visit your Trade Depot.

If your items haven't sold yet, try waiting a bit longer. Perhaps choose a different selection and price point next time, and remember to advertise whenever possible (as well as asking friends to visit regularly!). If all else fails, Mayor Daniel should visit, too!

Buy items, and accept deal offers

How can I buy items from other cities?
Once your population grows large enough, the Global Trade HQ becomes available. You'll find it just outside your city limits on the main highway.

How can I buy items from other cities? | SimCity BuildIt

Here you can view the advertised sales from other cities and see if you need anything else. Remember that the seller determines the sale price, so check to see who has the best deals!

Best deals in Global Trade HQ | SimCity BuildIt

Tap an item to visit the seller's city, then head straight to their Trade Depot to secure the sale (and see what else they might have). Once you confirm your purchase, the goods will transfer into your City Storage.

You can also buy goods directly from your friends, as well as Daniel the neighboring mayor.

Tap the green friends icon, then tap the picture of the friend you'd like to visit. From their city you can head to their Trade Depot to see what's on sale. It's nice to help your friends!

What are these deals I keep getting offered in my city?

Nothing suspicious, we promise! It's just a handy way of making some Simoleons and freeing up a little storage space. Tap a speech bubble with a Simoleon in it whenever one appears in your city.

City deals | SimCity BuildIt | SimCity BuildIt

To accept the deal, tap “Do It!" The Simoleons will land in your account.

To refuse, tap "No thanks." No hard feelings there, and another deal will come along soon.

If you don't currently have the items available but would like to keep the deal available (maybe you'll have those items soon), tap on the area outside the deal box and it will remain on your city map for later.

Complete cargo shipments

Ahoy there, Mayor! Get Simoleons and Golden Keys by completing cargo shipments.

Tap the cargo docks on the coast of your city to get information about how to get it ready for the first ships.

Cargo shipments | SimCity BuildIt

When your dock is complete, lift the cover and take note of the items required to fill the cargo shipment order: Start making them now, to get a head start before the ship arrives. The countdown timer shows when it's due to arrive.

If you can't wait that long, the captain might go full steam ahead for a little SimCash: Tap on the yellow button to pay up, and the ship will come along in minutes.

Cargo shipment order | SimCity BuildIt

The ship has arrived. All hands on deck! Tap the cargo ship to see the full cargo ship order, rewards available for the items packed, and how long before the ship must set sail again. For each complete load of one type of item packed (e.g. 3/3 bricks), you'll receive the amount shown below it in Simoleons. For an entire cargo shipment packed (e.g. 3/3 bricks, 3/3 measuring tapes and 3/3 hammers), you'll get all Simoleon rewards shown, plus a special bonus Golden Key! These can't be bought or sold, they can only be collected with cargo shipments and disaster challenges.

Cargo ship dock | SimCity BuildIt

If the ship sets sail and you've been unable to fill the entire cargo, you'll still keep the Simoleons for any items you managed to pack, but Golden Keys are only awarded for a complete shipment.

Short of time to fill the shipment? You can purchase missing items with SimCash by tapping the item in question.

If you prefer your chances with a whole new cargo ship (and brand new order) tap "Request New Ship," then "Accept" to confirm. A new countdown timer will start, the old ship will leave and a new order is on its way! Speed up its progress with a SimCash sweetener.